When you think of the term financial independence, what image pops up in your mind? For most of us it would comprise of materialistic stuff such as a lavish penthouse with a porch large enough to fit 100 dogs, Interiors so flashy that could damage retina at the sight of it, a flamboyant car that would make heads turn every time you take it for a spin, foreign trips more than few times a year, half a dozen servants, a loaded bank balance and absolutely no work to do, all this and more at a relatively young age!

Blame the…

We use auto correct every day on our cell phone and computer. It has become an integral part of our daily typing experience to such an extent that we no longer see it as a feature. But have you ever wondered what really goes behind your screen that magically converts “wrogn” to “wrong” ?

As you type the below sentence in google search bar :

how to learn to play footgall ”.

chances are very high that you intended to write the word “ football ” instead of “ footgall but ended up writing the wrong spelling. See…

If you ever talk to a person who has been to India for the very first time, they are likely to have mixed feelings about this slice of South Asia.

The rich cultural diversity inherent in this part of the world is the first and foremost quality that one simply cannot resist to notice along with the historical monuments and it is often looked upon as the only nation which is home to people coming from such a wide galaxy of culture, religion, race, and tribe. One thing that is most striking about India is that for every 250 km…

As I write this blog, it marks almost 180 days since the lockdown.

The month of March has always been one of the most awaited 30 days in India for a plethora of reasons. Firstly, it’s a long holiday month because of the much-decorated Holi festival. Secondly, the month of February also marks the end of odd semesters for the college clan, the time of the year when a large number of students eagerly wait for their semester exams to end so that they can go back to their home town for a couple of weeks, away from all the…

Paresh Pal

i love clouds ❤

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